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Getting Started with ARTIK 0

Welcome! This guide shows you how to set up the ARTIK 0 family developer boards that come in the developer kit. (Using the ARTIK 5, 7, or 10 kit? Head here to get started.) The ARTIK 0 family comprises:

  • ARTIK 020 module – device node with integrated radio supporting Bluetooth® operation

  • ARTIK 030 module – device node with integrated radio supporting Thread or ZigBee® operation.

We'll be referring to the modules and kits both by series name (ARTIK 0) and variant name (ARTIK 020, 030).

Note: Our Web page articles apply to ARTIK 0 devices only where explicitly mentioned, primarily within the Wireless IOT Networks article.

New to IoT development? We provide a simple way to upload a test image to the ARTIK 0 module so that you can "test the waters" to see if you want to dive deeper.

Seasoned Developer? Our material is presented in a way that lets you easily jump to sections of technical interest.

In either case, head to the "Open the box…" procedure to get started.

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