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Getting Started with ARTIK 5/7/10

Welcome! This guide shows you how to set up the ARTIK 5, ARTIK 7, or ARTIK 10 series developer boards that come in the developer kit. (Have ARTIK 020/030? Start here.)

Note: We'll be referring to ARTIK modules and kits both by series name (ARTIK 0, 5, 7, 10) and variant name (ARTIK 020/030, 520, 530, 710, 1020).

New to IoT development? You do not need to be a programmer to use this kit. Just follow the Getting Started and Tutorials topics in sequence, and we'll explain it all.

Seasoned Developer? You may want to skip ahead to topics of deeper interest. We suggest you complete this "Getting Started" section first, and then jump to topics in this order.

  1. Wi-Fi Client to set up Wi-Fi® between your host PC and ARTIK
  2. Eclipse IDE or Arduino IDE to set up your development environment
  3. Pin Programming if you plan to use ARTIK analog inputs, PWM outputs, or GPIO pins in your application
  4. MQTT and Web Coding Tutorials to code for communicating with edge devices and ARTIK Cloud
  5. Secure Deployment to set up SSL/TLS, automated scripts, and program security.

What this Getting Started guide covers

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