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The Samsung ARTIK family encompasses interoperating hardware, security, cloud data, and software development elements, all tailored to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Getting Started

Activity Article Video / Screenshot
Gettingstarted Set up boards
2 A5/7/10
Ide icon Set up ARTIK IDE
0 Install ARTIK IDE
Ide icon Compile code with ARTIK IDE
2 A05X
Qr code On-board modules
2 A05X
Ide icon Set up Arduino IDE
Cloud icon Coding for ARTIK cloud services
2 Sign up
0 Define rules

IoT in the Cloud

IoT Gateway Management Portals

Enm dashboard 1

ENM Dashboard


Kura status



Hass typ zb zw

Home Assistant


Brightness msg



IoT Cloud Services

Gateway Module Topics

Wi fi icon
2 Password
Bluetooth icon
2 Speaker
Usb icon
Thread icon
Enm dashboard 1 Dashboard
Z icon
Chip icon
0 Using pin map
Speaker icon
2 Mic array
Camera icon
Camera front MIPI camera
Display icon
Cube Qt
Cloud icon
Microsd icon
Etcher ready Etcher
Update icon
Ide icon
Vb start page VirtualBox

Edge Node Topics

Ide icon
Simplicity gecko Simplicity Studio
Bluetooth icon
3 Beacon
Z icon
Simpstud z3light hw config led Configurator
Thread icon
Thread commissioning Commissioning tool
Ide icon
Vb start page VirtualBox
Thingworx 05x properties ThingWorx agent

Product Accelerators

What this documentation covers

You will find information to help you get started, as well as the developer guides for more advanced activities. We are continually adding to our series of tutorials demonstrating various aspects of ARTIK functionality. You can also find information on our blog.

This documentation library is currently in development, so check back often for updates!