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Advanced Concepts

The ARTIK 5/7/10 module communicates with the outside world either over Ethernet or using Wi-Fi®, and with its local ecosystem of edge devices using a combination of Wi-Fi and other wireless IoT technologies (possibly including ARTIK 0 devices). As a result, this shared Wi-Fi resource becomes a critical bandwidth and security focus.

Given their limited data content, you should consider IoT messages separately from normal Internet traffic to optimize bandwidth utilization. However, with both types of traffic sharing Wi-Fi, it makes sense for them to share a common encryption technology. And they can!

In this article group, we investigate aspects of communication and interaction with the outside world, from the point of view of the ARTIK module and its local ecosystem.

  • In the MQTT and Web Coding series, we explore a "iight weight" protocol that competes with HTTP/HTTPS – and wins hands-down for speed on short messages. We use it in the local ecosystem of the ARTIK module and its edge devices, as well to transfer edge-device-related data to/from ARTIK Cloud.

  • In the Secure Deployment series, we look at how data streams in formats like HTTPS and MQTT can be protected by SSL/TLS protocols. We also consider other aspects of security, such as

    • Keeping program loading holes from being exploited
    • Re-establishing interrupted Wi-Fi links to keep the IoT connected and ready.

In future series, we will extend the protection across other wireless IoT networks.

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