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MQTT and Web Coding Tutorials

The ability to communicate easily with both edge devices and the cloud is key to understanding the Samsung ARTIK end-to-end solution.

Within this tutorial series, we tackle topics of HTTP and MQTT connectivity using Internet Protocol. Our approach is to start out slowly and let you gain an appreciation for why you would use them, and for where one approach outperforms another. You will learn how to:

  • Set up and use an MQTT 'broker'
  • Write calls using Web REST API protocols
  • Write HTML and JavaScript Web pages that display your data and give your user a control interface
  • Connect with Samsung ARTIK Cloud to both archive data and communicate with other clouds and connected devices
  • Protect communication links from eavesdropping.

By the end, you will have the knowledge to make your own choice of solutions, plus a small set of proven-working examples that you can build from.

Set up broker and subscribe edge devices
Publish to edge devices
Generate Web page with Node-RED
Publish to ARTIK Cloud using Node-RED
Publish to ARTIK Cloud using Arduino
Receive Actions from ARTIK Cloud

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