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On-boarding / QR Codes

In the "Connect to the World" articles, you saw how "on-boarding" works to connect certain ARTIK modules to ARTIK Cloud.

The smart phone app connects you with:

Linux gateway modules (ARTIK 530 / ARTIK 710) – using a Bluetooth® LE link

TizenRT modules (ARTIK 053 / ARTIK 055) – using a Wi-Fi® link

Thread modules (ARTIK 030) – by way of the gateway module.

The gateway must be on-boarded before you can on-board any Thread modules.

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In this series, we'll also discuss QR codes, which are a convenient way to accelerate the on-boarding process for a given module type.

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ARTIK Edge Node Manager

Your Linux-based ARTIK module serves as a Thread border router gateway to the Internet, and services the ARTIK 030 device as an edge node client. You'll need to install the Edge Node Manager on the gateway before it will see the A030 device.

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