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ARTIK 5/7 OTA Update

Within the ARTIK ecosystem, ARTIK Cloud provides a mechanism for over-the-air (OTA) package updates to ARTIK Linux-based modules. Update security is enforced at multiple levels.

  • Secure communication is ensured by using the Secure Element in conjunction with ARTIK Onboarding – registering your device with ARTIK Cloud establishes the chain of trust.

  • Package signing provides a means of verifying that the packages themselves are trustworthy, and are up-to-date to prevent rollback attacks.

  • Dual partition upgrade system allows critical boot images to be updated while still keeping a known-good copy of the image as a backup.

The articles in this section cover the various aspects of OTA update.

Application OTA Update Assemble a package of .deb and script files and upload it to ARTIK Cloud or any other LWM2M-capable cloud. The gateway receives notification, retrieves the package, unpacks it, checks integrity, and installs its contents as directed.
Package Signing Optionally used in conjunction with the general and kernel update mechanisms to digitally sign the packages for maximum security.


The steps for sending a basic OTA update package are as follows.

  1. Preparation:
    – Prepare the gateway with onboarding-ready firmware
    – Prepare your Device on ARTIK Cloud
    – On-board the gateway to ARTIK Cloud
    – Enable Device Properties and activate manifest

  2. Create your Debian package for Ubuntu

  3. Write an installation script

  4. Create your OTA package using your Debian package
    – Optionally sign the package

  5. Upload the OTA package to ARTIK Cloud

  6. Trigger the update.

The gateway takes care of executing the script and reporting results back to the cloud service.

Aspects of ARTIK Cloud OTA Update

LWM2M connection

The latest ARTIK gateway module OS images include the LWM2M client service that acts as a conduit for commands between ARTIK Cloud and the OTA update software on the module. For software updates to the gateway itself, Edge Node Manager is not required and need not be installed.

Installing ble-onboarding 3.8.1-1 (or later) installs the lwm2m-client service.

Device Properties

ARTIK Cloud Device Management enables the storage of Device Properties from a device, and allows device makers to trigger OTA firmware updates to ARTIK Linux modules.

You enable Device Properties for each device type by way of the ARTIK Cloud Developer Dashboard. At least one device of that device type must be registered with ARTIK Cloud using an ARTIK Cloud LWM2M client.


The Device Manifest in ARTIK Cloud describes the characteristics of the attached device type to allow for device management. You must create at least a minimal manifest that corresponds to your device type.

OTA package contents

The ARTIK 530/710 OTA package you upload to ARTIK Cloud will contain:

  • The .deb package to be installed or updated, created by the developer

  • Any application dependencies, also supplied as .deb packages

  • An script, which contains the commands to install or update the packages.

You may also be including image files.

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