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Thread OTA Firmware Update

Thread networking is designed to use the same wireless radio standard (IEEE 802.15.4) as ZigBee®, but uses different protocols that are designed to interact with Internet Protocol (IP) addressing and messaging. Using this methodology, IPv6-format messages pass throughout the system intact. Because these messages never need to be decrypted for conversion to an intermediate format, they stay secure throughout their travels.

All ARTIK modules with built-in IEEE 802.15.4 radios are programmable to support either Thread or ZigBee protocols.

  • ARTIK 5, 7, and 10 series modules include built-in IEEE 802.15.4 radios. These devices are designed for controller, hub, gateway, and border router applications.

  • The ARTIK 030 module of the ARTIK 0 series likewise uses the same, interoperable IEEE 802.15.4 radio. The ARTIK 030 processor is optimized for low-power, low-cost Thread router and end device applications.

The ARTIK OTA firmware update solution for Thread devices supports complete image updates on ARTIK 030 edge node devices by way of the ARTIK gateway, leveraging the following ARTIK technologies:

  • ARTIK Cloud Device Management (AKC DM)
  • ARTIK Edge Node Manager (ENM)
  • ARTIK Edge Node Client (ENC)


For ARTIK 030 Thread edge node devices, the ARTIK solution encompasses several elements. It's easy to customize the update mechanism for different applications – the updater routine gets transferred as part of the upgrade package itself.

Element Responsible for Description
ARTIK Cloud Device Management Storage of Device Properties from a device via LWM2M Allows device makers to trigger OTA updates (such as firmware updates) on devices. You must enable Device Properties for that device type.
Edge Node Manager (ENM) Device mgmt and communicating to ARTIK Cloud, as an LWM2M client on behalf of the Edge Node Software component running on the gateway (ARTIK 530/710). It receives OTA updates and applies them to the Edge Nodes.
Updater Copying over and then triggering the OTA package update Consists of a fixed executable and an editable script. Does some checks, executes any needed preparatory commands, and then sends the new application image over CoAP to the Edge device.
Driver Exchanging data with plugin Module linked to updater to communicate with plugin on edge node.
Edge Node Client / Plugin Device mgmt and OTA updates on the edge devices Software component running on each edge node talking to the ENM running on the gateway.


LWM2M specification

LWM2M Object Definition

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