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SSL/TLS Secure Deployment

By the end of the MQTT tutorial on ARTIK Cloud Actions, we had a working solution for communicating sensor data to the cloud and sending appropriate Actions back to the ARTIK modules. But we had not spent much time considering what security "holes" such a system would present if brought to production. Let's talk about a more secure solution.

In this new series, we tackle the various levels of Wi-Fi® security possible when using ARTIK modules and ARTIK Cloud. At the same time, we tie up loose ends with our MQTT demonstration project that would impact its secure deployment and use in the field. Here are some general security categories we'd like to address, and the way we'll approach the topic using our MQTT solution as an example.

End-to-end SSL/TLS security Secure the links between each MQTT edge device and its MQTT broker.
Automatic program configuration and loading Use script files to configure and load the Mosquitto MQTT broker, the Node-RED Web interface, and the Arduino IDE sketches.
Stability of Wi-Fi connections Automate the connection to secure wireless access points and keep those paths working.
Remote operation through ARTIK Cloud We recommend limiting the exposure of the local system to outside hacking by channeling communications through the secure ARTIK Cloud environment.

Our examples will refer often to the MQTT series, but you should find the discussion more widely applicable.

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