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Older API versions are available as a download. To view, extract the file and open the index.html file in a web browser.

ARTIK SDK Documentation


This documentation details the usage of the ARTIK C/C++ API developed by Samsung to speed-up application development on ARTIK hardware modules.

This API has been developed in an object-oriented fashion, in order to provide consistency across the different languages and bindings supported.

The following languages are supported:

  • C
  • C++
  • node.js

Supported platforms

The API is available and has been tested for the following hardware platforms:

  • ARTIK 520 Development platform
  • ARTIK 530 Development platform
  • ARTIK 710 Development platform
  • ARTIK 05x Development Platforms
  • ARTIK 305 Development platform
  • Seeed Eagleye530 Development platform


The API is organized by modules that each contain a set of features. A "module manager" allows applications to get a instance of a module, configure it, then call APIs exposed by the module.

The modules that are currently available are:

  • GPIO: module for operating on hardware digital input/output pins
  • I2C: module for communicating with onboard chips over I2C bus
  • Serial: module for communicating with external hardware over UART
  • PWM: module for generating pulse width modulated signals
  • HTTP: module for sending requests to HTTP/HTTPS servers
  • Cloud: module for calling the ARTIK cloud APIs
  • ADC: module for reading Analog inputs
  • Wi-Fi: module for managing wireless networks
  • Media: module for managing audio/video streams
  • Security: module for handling security features
  • Bluetooth: module for scanning and communicating with BT devices
  • Sensors: module for reading information from sensors
  • ZigBee: module for communicating with remote ZigBee devices
  • LWM2M: module for communicating with a remote LWM2M server as a client
  • MQTT: module for connecting to a MQTT broker as a client
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