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Signing ARTIK 05Xs Production Code

Having compiled and loaded pre-signed code, you now need to understand the code signing process for ARTIK "s" modules. These do not accept loading of code unless it has been digitally signed with the correct security signature.

For the development version of your code image, you:

  • Used the codesigner tool to sign your tinyara_head.bin image with a default key
  • Flashed the tinyara_head.bin-signed version to your module.

For the production version of your code image, you need to:

  • Use the KMS portal to sign your tinyara_head.bin and bl2.bin images with your unique key
  • Flash the tinyara_head.bin-signed and bl2.bin-signed versions to your module.

Go to the Production KMS article to learn about interacting with the KMS portal. Once you sign your boot images, flash them as described in the Compile and Load article.

Note: For mass production, you must change wwwkey from 6 to 7 by e-fusing the relevant bit, using the wwkeysel API.

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