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Getting Started with ARTIK 053/055

Welcome! This guide shows you how to set up and program the board that comes in the Starter Kit for the ARTIK 053, 053s and 055s modules with integrated Wi-Fi®.

artik 053 artik 055s

The difference between module numbers is primarily related to the operating voltage.

  • ARTIK 053 and 053s modules run on 5VDC.
  • ARTIK 055s modules run on 3.3VDC.

The "s" module variants have additional security capabilities.

As the ARTIK 053, 053s, and 055s modules are so similar, we will refer to them generically as ARTIK 05X modules.

Not all of our Web page articles apply to all ARTIK module types. ARTIK 05X family articles are found primarily in the sections below.

In the box Shows how to prepare and power the kit.
Set up the ARTIK IDE Lets you install the ARTIK IDE tool you'll be using to develop, load, and debug application code under Windows, and gets your local serial port connection ready so you can use the IDE terminal emulator.
Connect to the World Shows you how easy it is to talk to your ARTIK 05X kit and for it to talk with ARTIK Cloud.
Board Reference / Header Map Gives you an overview of the pin locations and GPIO mappings that you'll need to write code for apps and for Arduino shields.
"s" modules Discusses the added security aspect of certain modules in the ARTIK 05X family.
Tutorials Provide some concrete hardware examples that you can use as a basis for your own development.
Advanced Developers Describes the option to develop Tizen RT kernel-level code using a cross-compilation environment running under Linux.

Head to the "In the box…" procedure to get started.

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