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Board Reference / Header Mappings / GPIO

ARTIK 05X Board Reference

The ARTIK 05X Starter Kit board has jumpers and connectors as shown. Refer to the ARTIK 05X Hardware User Guide for details on the connector signals.

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ARTIK 05X Header Map

The Arduino shield and I/O break-out header signals are shown below. The signal levels and positions are Arduino-compatible for certain tested shields. Other shields may require adaptation. For example:

  • XGPIO pins used as outputs might require a pre-driver circuit to meet the drive strength requirements of some Arduino shields.

  • XGPIO pins used as inputs for 5V signals would need to be buffered as the ARTIK 05X pins are not 5V-tolerant.

The gpio mappings shown can be found in these files in the Tizen RT source code:


You'll be using these mappings in the Tutorials.


Arduino Shields

The ARTIK 05X Starter Kit has been tested using the Grove Base Shield.

The Grove sensor devices listed below have been tested using the interface noted.

Description                            Connection Type Looks like this
Grove LED Socket Kit Digital
Temperature Sensor Analog
UV Sensor Analog
Moisture Sensor Analog
Light Sensor Analog
Rotary Angle Sensor Analog
Luminance Sensor Analog
MPU9250 Accelerometer I2C
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