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What's in the box

The ARTIK 053 module is quick to get up and running. You'll need a USB cable to connect it to your development PC.

What's included

The ARTIK 053 box contains an assembled Starter Kit, which comprises:

  • An ARTIK 053 module mounted on an Interposer board
  • A Starter board used to break out I/O pins, and to power and program the module.

Starter Board Assembly

An assembled ARTIK 053 Starter Kit is shown below – the Starter board is the larger base board, and has an attached Interposer board to which the ARTIK 053 module is soldered.

in the box


ARTIK modules are static-sensitive devices. Ground yourself and observe proper anti-ESD safeguards when handling modules and boards.

  • Handle the board assembly carefully; it may be damaged if dropped or subjected to sudden shock.

  • If the Interposer board becomes separated from the base Starter board, make sure to remove power first, then snap it back together carefully.

  • The connectors between the module Interposer board and the Starter board are for manufacturing convenience and are not meant to be separated and reconnected repeatedly. Doing so may reduce the reliability of the connections.

  • Always disconnect power from the board assembly before attaching cables, and before attaching anything to the I/O connectors.

Interposer Board

The Interposer board holding the module is shown below.

in the box in the box

What else you may need

  • USB cable to attach the micro type B USB receptacle to your development PC. The cable is not included in the kit.

  • Correct DC adapter for your region, if additional power is desired.

Power requirements. The ARTIK 053 Starter Kit can be powered solely by its micro type B USB receptacle from your development computer, as long as any circuitry you connect does not add a significant load. Use an external supply for more power.

The following power supplies have been tested and certified for use with the kit.

Type Model/Part Number Manufacturer
5V DC PA-05W-05 Perfect Power
12V DC DSA-60PFB-12 1 120500 DVE

Powering the Board

Follow these steps to get the kit ready to use.

  1. Verify that the ARTIK 053 module Interposer board is firmly snapped onto the base Starter board (it could have separated during shipment).

  2. Attach the USB cable to the Starter board micro type B receptacle and to your host PC to provide serial communications.

  3. Optionally, in the future: Connect an external power adapter. (Don't connect an external power supply for the initial testing here, as it will complicate power sequencing.)

Continue now to set up the ARTIK IDE.

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