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Shoreline iCast 2 Modbus Solution

Having set up the ThingWorx agent on an ARTIK 05X starter board in the ThingWorx tutorial, you can now apply that technology to a Modbus solution from Shoreline.

This article provides instructions for using the ThingWorx agent on the ARTIK053 module mounted on the Shoreline iCast 2 unit.

Shoreline iCast 2 Overview

Shoreline iCast 2 hardware uses the ARTIK 053 module and provides a rich set of analog and digital sensor interfaces (cloud-configurable) to attach legacy sensors, for a cloud-based SCADA and analytics system.

The solution provides MODBUS port connections to industrial/commercial equipment, to gain insight into operations and run equipment at peak performance. It allows taking action on error conditions, using the outputs to safely shut down equipment and prevent damage, signal alarm conditions on the factory floor, or control proportional valves and pumps to slow or shut down processes.

Together with the ARTIK 053 module, the Shoreline iCast 2 hardware provides the following features.

Category Features
Wireless – Wi-Fi Radio 2.4 GHz
– BLE 5.0 Radio, including Long Range
– Antenna design optimized for Wi-Fi and BLE co-existence
– 802.15.4 Radio and Thread SW stack – optional
I/O – Three 0-10V/4-20mA analog inputs
– Two 5-24 VDC digital inputs
– Two 24VDC@20mA digital outputs
– One 0-10V/4-20mA analog output
– One Grove I2C interface
– 3.0kvrms Isolated Relay output 250VAC@2amps
– 2.5kvrms Isolated RS485 serial port
Security 256-bit AES/DES/TDES, SHA-1/SHA-2, PKA, PRNG/DTRNG
10-30VAC or
Enclosure DIN Rail mounted with push connectors


Obtain JTAG Adapter

You'll notice that the Shoreline iCast 2 board does not have a USB connector. It only has the raw JTAG port. So for terminal interface and flash updates, you'll need a USB-to-JTAG converter that uses the same FTDI part that is on an ARTIK 05X starter board. You have a couple of options.

  • Use the adapter present on a ARTIK 05X starter board – just remove the ARTIK 05X module, and connect a cable between JTAG header CON707 and the JTAG connector on the Shoreline iCast 2 board.

  • Acquire a "smart" adapter cable using the FTDI chip, with USB on one end and JTAG on the other.

Connect your chosen USB-to-JTAG adapter to the JTAG ARTIK connector and to your development PC.

Complete ThingWorx setup

Complete the ThingWorx Composer and agent setup as explained in the ThingWorx article. Perform all the steps up to "Running ThingWorx" except for the flashing.

Using Shoreline iCast 2 Hardware

Connect JTAG cable

Connect the cable to the connector next to ARTIK 053 module, with the name JTAG_ARTIK.

Power Up

Connect a power supply to the board and apply power. Check that the LEDs illuminate. If you used a DC adapter and the LEDs did not turn on, reverse the polarity of the power supply connection and try again.

Verify that you see the usual output and a TASH prompt on the terminal emulator console.

Flash the image

Now flash the image.
make download ALL

Make sure that it has completed all downloads; if needed, repeat make download os if it fails on the final segment.

Run the example

Go back to the Running ThingWorx article section, and verify the operation.

This time, you should see valid values for 'count' and 'location'.

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