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IoT in the Cloud

ARTIK gateway modules make your IoT controls and data available in the cloud. There your data can be acted on by nearly limitless services – provided by your cloud of choice in conjunction with other clouds.

Cloud-based IoT options

Cloud Feature Related Article
AWS Greengrass Deployment of encapsulated compute
modules (AWS Lambda functions)
AWS IoT Secure just-in-time registration (JITR)  
Microsoft Azure IoT    Zero-touch device configuration  
Google IoT Connection by signed JSON Web Token  
ARTIK Cloud IoT rules engine that can act as a "switchboard" to other clouds MQTT series
ThingWorx Industrial control and monitoring ThingWorx agent (A05X)
Sense Tecnic – FRED Node-RED in the cloud  
OPC-UA Industrial IoT platform-independent communication scheme deployed over AWS Greengrass  

Other projects of interest

Web page HTML Interface with your circuits using Web REST protocols
InfluxDB Database service to locally store and remotely query your sensor data
TensorFlow Machine Learning tool that reviews image files and identifies meaningful discrepancies

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