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Updating your ARTIK Board

New to IoT? Once you have your ARTIK board unboxed and running, you're ready to jump right into the Tutorials, which we suggest you do right away! Come back here once you're ready to start development on a project, and read this excellent primer on package management systems.

Seasoned Developer or ready to delve deeper? If you are starting project development, now is a good time to make sure you have the latest firmware and software available.

  • Updated module firmware. You'll first want to install the latest ARTIK image.

  • Network connection. The next step will be to establish network connectivity, typically over Wi-Fi®.

  • Upgrade installed packages. Now you're ready for the latest software updates. Typing
    dnf update
    into your terminal screen will get you going.

  • Install an IDE on your chosen platform. You'll probably want to develop on a host PC. Platforms such as the Arduino IDE and Eclipse IDE are great choices. Go to the Software Tools (IDE) article to get started.

  • Verify API access. If you plan to use the ARTIK API, it may get included automatically depending on the Eclipse IDE version you install. If you choose another development environment, you may need to follow an installation procedure.

  • Add additional packages. You'll next want to add other software using the dnf package installer. We've included instructions throughout the articles about what packages you'd need for a specific feature (like adding Node-RED as we describe in the Tutorials).

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