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Programmable Pins

To make them versatile control and monitoring devices, all ARTIK modules provide many programmable signal pins.

ARTIK 0 Modules

Devices in the ARTIK 0 family have a vast array of programmable functions that can be assigned to each GPIO pin. For complete details, refer to the ARTIK 020 and ARTIK 030 Hardware Datasheets.

ARTIK 5/7/10 Modules

The ARTIK 5, 7, and 10 families provide the following programmable pin functions.

  • PWM – pulse-width-modulated output

  • ADC – analog input

  • GPIO – general-purpose digital I/O that can be repurposed dynamically

  • Serial – I2C and UART

These directly handle tasks like controlling relays, generating analog voltages, and monitoring analog sensors, as well as complex tasks involving parallel and serial communication with more sophisticated control and sensor devices.

Looking for programmable pin header locations? Go to GPIO Header Maps.

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