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Setting up Simplicity Studio® 4.0

The Simplicity Studio 4.0 IDE is the underlying development tool for all ARTIK 0 applications.

This Simplicity Studio link will take you to the installation page for the Simplicity Studio 4.0 software tool on your host PC. You will need to register with Silicon Labs if you have not already done so.

The software automatically detects your attached ARTIK 0 device and offers to install the appropriate software stacks.

Note: Even if you already have Simplicity Studio 4.0 installed on your host PC, you will still need to run Update Software (in the Help menu) to get the proper software installed for ARTIK 0 products.

You will find ARTIK 030 and ARTIK 020 Getting Started Guides on the Downloads page if you need additional information.

Once installation is complete and you run the tool, you will arrive at a home page like the one below. Follow the instructions in the Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Thread section to start your project.

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