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Arduino Libraries – Overview

Arduino supports a vast library of useful functions. Install the Arduino IDE first, and then you can go to the Arduino site to learn how to install new libraries.

Libraries are made available in a variety of ways.

  • Certain common libraries such as WiFiClient come pre-installed with Arduino and can be referenced immediately in your sketches.
  • Others like MQTTClient are available through the Library Manager feature of Arduino.
  • The GitHub site provides still another source of libraries, where you can choose the "release" option to download a .zip file and then use the Library Manager to import and install the .zip file.
  • Certain companies provide bundled Arduino library code and offer services for a fee. For example, Temboo offers Arduino-installable libraries for integrating Web services – like calling up an online weather forecast so that you can use the data to preemptively adjust your air conditioning.
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