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Updating the ARTIK Image

The articles in this section refer to the ARTIK 5, 7, and 10 families. For the ARTIK 0 family, refer here for information on the update procedures related to your device.

Main Processor Image

The ARTIK operating code image resides in persistent memory. You can update the image contents in any of three ways:

  • As a complete block using a pre-built image copied to a microSD card

  • One pre-built partition at a time, by using a second USB connection and the fast command of the U-Boot utility

  • By modifying individual environment variables, using the setenv, saveenv, and printenv commands of the U-Boot utility

  • By recovery over USB.

Combine these methods to simplify system changes you need to make during development.

Network Co-Processor (NCP) Image

The IoT radio circuit on the module has its own firmware that gives it a ZigBee or Thread identity. You must upload new NCP firmware if you plan to use Thread or you want to switch to a version of ZigBee firmware other than the default.

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