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Image Update by Partition over USB

This procedure makes use of the integrated USB interface (in addition to the debug USB port) to update any chosen partition of the ARTIK image.

To use this feature, you must have previously set up a build environment that allows you to create the partitions, or you must have obtained a pre-built partition (such as a custom dtb block) from a third party.

The procedure is currently supported only on a Windows-based PC. To update firmware from a Windows host PC using a USB cable, follow these instructions.


  1. Download fastboot tools from here or search for "ADB fastboot" if the link is broken.

  2. Follow the process to install the tools to your Windows host PC.

  3. Download ARTIK image that will be used for update to the PC.


  1. Attach a USB cable to the integrated USB device port of the ARTIK board using the appropriate cable (standard type A for ARTIK 10 USB Host/Dev, mini type B for ARTIK 520 USB Dev, or micro USB for ARTIK 530/710 USB OTG). Attach the other end (usually standard type A) to your PC or Mac®.

    ARTIK 520
    ARTIK 530
    ARTIK 710
    ARTIK 1020
  2. Reset the ARTIK board, and while it is counting down for the restart, hit any key to go to UBOOT mode.

  3. On the ARTIK board, run fast. A USB device should be detected by the PC.

  4. On the PC:
    • Wait for the USB driver installation to complete successfully.
    • Open a command prompt window.
    • Change to the adb directory.
    • Enter fastboot flash, choose a partition, and point to the file to load (in the example below, the kernel is being updated).

    If it gets stuck at "waiting for device", there may be a driver issue – check Device Manager and upgrade the driver if necessary.

    Below is an example of the kernel, dtb, and modules being updated.

  5. Run fastboot reboot on the PC when finished.
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