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ARTIK Overview

Samsung ARTIK Modules comprise a tiered series of component families that each balance performance/power/memory/footprint to match application needs. For example, different members of the series can precisely target low-end wearables, mid-range controllers, and powerful hubs with local processing and analytics.

The links below take you to product pages for each device. For technical articles, use the navigation bar to the left.

ARTIK 0 – low-power device node processors
020 – Bluetooth®
030 – ZigBee®/Thread
053, 055 – Wi-Fi®
ARTIK 5 – 32-bit processors – 4GB Flash
with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee/Thread, graphics

520 – 2-core Cortex® A-7, USB device
530 – 4-core Cortex A-9, USB host, HDMI
ARTIK 7 – 64-bit processors – 4GB Flash
with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee/Thread, graphics

710 – 8-core Cortex A-53, USB host, HDMI
ARTIK 10 – 32-bit processors – 16GB Flash
with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee/Thread, graphics
1020 – 4-core Cortex A-15 + 4-core Cortex A-7, USB host, HDMI

Samsung ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform designed to connect all devices.

ARTIK Cloud provides developers easy-to-use open APIs and powerful tools to collect, store, and act on any data from any device or cloud service. Using these APIs and tools, you can quickly bring new IoT apps to market, tap into new revenue streams, and grow your business.

Moreover, its ability to independently analyze data and generate Action messages gives you an intelligent tool for interaction with Android apps.

For more more information about developing for ARTIK Cloud, visit

We've tried to make developing for ARTIK modules as straightforward as possible. In addition to the usual built-in compilers, you'll find the ARTIK IDE, an Arduino compatibility library, the secure deployment system, and libraries for Java, Python, Temboo, and others.

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